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OnThe Late Late Show with James CordenWith 47 years as a full time professional comedian, Perry Kurtz has appeared at every possible event or party, as well as headlining all the major comedy clubs across America for up to 45 weeks a year. He has brought his interactive comedy and music shows to all ages from 7 to 107. And has never offended anyone!

For any types of events or shows, Perry creates the performance "off" the activity in the room. Each show is interactive comedy and music. Each show is different. And VERY specialized.

Just as the ocean is constantly changing, so is an audience. They change in focus, mood, and response. With 100's of hours as an improvisational partner with Robin Williams from 1979 to 1988, Perry was able to keep up with Robin, and often added a musical touch to their sessions. On many occasions, Perry was invited to join Robin in his large venue shows where they worked 20-45+ minutes together.

By the end, the audience will be singing along to a song that Perry creates about whatever is happening in the room AS it happens, on his Keytar (seen above), and getting to audience to sing along.

The audience is ALWAYS the star. No two shows are the same, just as no two audiences are the same. And everyone leaves feeling better about themselves, and life.

For any performance, material can be written for you, your group, or organization, even non-offensive roast material, all based on your provided information and including your group.

Material can be G to X Rated.

As Perry says, "I AM the Laughter."


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