Why Hire Perry Kurtz?

Perry with Robin Willaims - Perry is in the middle

For Humor Education, aside from having over 18 hours and 47 years of comedy material to draw from, Perry has an unmeasured amount of motivation to infuse the crowd, and was actually told to become a Life Coach. Perry teaches them why and how things are funny. Leaving them like walking comedians. He also teaches tact, a lost art, so no one is accidently offended. By the time the "talk" is done, everyone is still laughing, many times. They are motivated to have a better life, and enjoy it.
And they are ALL much happier.

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Perry Kurtz has been a full time (never had a day job) working comedian of 47 years appearing at most major comedy clubs across America, private & corporate events, women's groups, military bases in Asia, foster homes, weddings, even a funeral.

Perry has appeared on many TV shows and at every possible type of show, event, or venue, for ages 7 to 107 years old.

Perry and James CordenPerry on America's Got Talent Perry on The New Gong Show
Perry on America's Funniest People 1984Perry on The Love Connection 1985
Perry at The Laugh Factory in HollywoodPerry's name on the wall of The Comedy StorePerry enertain foor Duke Energy of South Carolina
Perry and longtime buddy Dana Carvey - since 179Perry & Mrs. G from Happy DaysAudience members enjoying the show
Perry brings joy to a WeddingPerry makes the Seniors HappyPerry makes the Convalescents HappyPerry gets the L.A. Comedy Award's Best Comedian 2009-2011

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